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Newsletters, timelapses and vistas

Single SpiraeaClose-up of a single Spiraea shrub flower

After having been away for quite some time, mostly because of moving from Amsterdam to Stavanger, things are settling down a bit. Because of that, it is time for some new content and some new features. Most importantly, everyone can (and should!) subscribe to the monthly newsletter, using the button above. And if you do not want that, you can instead subscribe to the YouTube channel or the Facebook page.

Besides improvements on the communication front, I have also implemented a panorama viewer, which finally makes it possible to share some of the panoramas I have been shooting for the last few years. Also, last December I decided to take up a new hobby, timelapse photography. The first results of that can be found here, or via the “featured” page. And finally, I have started a new weblog on my experiences in Norway. It is in Dutch, but for those that are interested, it can be found at

Enjoy all the new stuff!